Kain Roto

From : Komunitas Adat Rongkong, Tana Luwu, Sulsel

Rp 400,000
  • Kain celup ikat dengan pewarnaan alam.
  • Motif dan warna yang khas.
  • Tekstur kain agak kasar karena proses pencelupan.

Kode Dimensi Bahan Baku Stok Berat
TEN091401 250 x 85 cm Kain Rayon 5 1 kg
Deskripsi produk

Kain Roto is a unique fabric from Rongkong community.  This products is made using tie-dye technique with natural coloring.  The coloring using fermentation techniques from the various of plants that come from their customary forest.  Motifs and colors of Kain Roto are inspired from Rongkong weaving.  The shape of motif is rhombus, with local name is "pori lonjong".  Which means of sportively.

The Rongkong commuity's customary territory is around in Tana Luwu District, south Sulawesi.  The division of territory in the Rongkong community consists of five hamlets with their respective histories as follows:
In the Western, there is Dusun Buntu Mala'bi.  Here the beginning of Rongkong community existing.  In the Southern, there is Dusun Manganan. The Name taken from the activity of peoples as rattan or bamboo weaver for livelihood.  In the Eastern is Dusun Pambuntan, that name taken from pool, which the water always abundant on the dry season.  There is Dusun Salu Rante in the Northern. "Salu Rante" which means of flat, although that area is located on mountains.  And last, Dusun Mabusa is located in the western area. "Mabusa" means of white.  Because the coloring of soil is white.  In the past, the use the white soil for painting their house.

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