Clutch Baduy [seri blacu]

From : Gerai Nusantara

Rp 60,000
  • Menggunakan kain blacu premium.
  • Dikombinasi dengan tenun tangan baduy [sisi muka].
  • Stok tersedia.

Kode Dimensi Bahan Baku Stok Berat
INO131711 t.14 x p.20 x l.3 cm Kain Blacu dan Tenun Baduy 0 1 kg
Deskripsi produk

This Clutch Bag is designed from premium calico [blacu] that combined with lamak baduy  for making to be unique.  The inside is layered with spunbond's material so it's stronger and more durable.  This clutch bag use the synthesis leather for the handle. With zipper.  Suitable for daily wearing.

Lamak Baduy is one kind of Baduy weaving. This hand-woven textile functions as a belt or shawl . In the local language "lamak" means shawl.  Weaving, is one of the ancestral activities carried out by indigenous women in Baduy community to this day. Raraga  is the local name for the back-strap loom used to weave textiles in the Baduy community.

The Baduy customary territory is located in the Lebak Regency in Banten, West Java. The daily lives of the Baduy people are shaped by principles of simplicity, self-sufficiency and a deep reverence towards nature. To meet their daily needs, the Baduy people cultivate rice and yams, weave their own cloth to make clothes, and make agricultural tools and household items using materials sourced from their customary forests. The Baduy people are also well known for trading in forest honey and palm sugar.

The Baduy community is divided into two socially distinct groups: Baduy Luar and Baduy Dalam. While the Baduy Dalam or Inner Baduy group maintain a traditionally reclusive lifestyle, the Baduy Luar or Outer Baduy group are more open and engage with people outside the community. The Baduy Luar people are also receptive to innovations in weaving activities, resulting in a shift from traditional black and white weavings to cloths with colourful motifs.

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