Clutch Anteng

From : Gerai Nusantara

Rp 80,000
  • Menggunakan kanvas premium.
  • Disematkan tenun bayan dengan jenis lempot anteng.
  • Menggunakan pelapis di bagian dalam.

Kode Dimensi Bahan Baku Stok Berat
INO131803 t.14 x p.20 x l.3 cm Kain Kanvas dan Tenun Bayan 0 1 kg
Deskripsi produk

This Clutch Bag is designed from premium canvas that combined with lempot anteng  for making to be unique.  The inside is layered with spunbond's material so it's stronger and more durable.  This clutch bag use the synthesis leather for the handle. With zipper.  Suitable for daily wearing.

Lempot Anteng is one kind of Bayan weaving. This hand-woven textile functions as a belt. Motifs of lines with colors of the rainbow are its characteristic. Weaving is one of the ancestral activities carried out by indigenous women in Bayan Community to this day. Setu Jajak  is the local name for the back-strap loom used to weave textiles in the Bayan community.

The Bayan community's customary territory is located in North Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. Culture in the Bayan community has been influenced by Islam and Balinese Hinduism, which is known as the "Wetu Telu" philosophy. To this day, this philosophy is applied in the daily life of the Bayan community. Two important traditions in the community are to determine the position of the house and how to dress during a traditional ceremony. For the most part, houses in Bayan point north and south. "North is the Flores Sea, South is Mount Rinjani". Both sites are believed to be sacred areas for the indigenous peoples of Bayan.

Peresean is one of Bayan's cultural attractions in the form of a battle game. In Indonesian, "peresean" can be interpreted as a protective or repelling punch. It is said, Peresean is traditionally performed as a ceremony calling for rain in the dry season. Now, Peresean is held to welcome guests or tourists visiting Lombok.

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